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Primal Strength Camp


Welcome to Strength Camp

What is Primal Strength Camp ? Think of it as bootcamp for those who want to be stronger. It concentrates on improving your overall strength than your cardio, we all ready have a great class for cardio WarriorFit which is fantastic for burning 🔥 calories and increasing your cardiovascular system.

We love lifting heavy and so do many of our clients from teenagers to 80+ so we decided to add a class that was available to everyone. 

This class is completely different to anything else and is open to any age over 16 or ability. 

In this class we focus on the five big lifts plus functional fitness and strongman/woman training. 

Each session we work a different lift or body part and once a month we have an open session and a challenge. 

So if you are serious about your health and fitness come and challenge yourself with our Primal Strength Camp & WarriorFit to be come the Strongest version of yourself 


Every Saturday 10am

Elite Fit Studio 
29 Oakwood Drive 

nottingham personal trainer
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