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Boot Camp


Ravenshead Nottingham

In our WarriorFit BootCamp classes we use a variety of equipment, weights, focus mitts, punch bags, SkiErg, rowing machine, slam balls, sandbags & kettlebells.

These are combined with sprints, mobility drills, plyometrics and various body weight exercises.

WarriorFit is a HIIT based workout, which means short bursts of very intense exercise combined with active rest.

We have used this type of training for 30 years to train elite athletes to compete at regional, national and international Level with great success. 

We also built  a hugely popular fitness class running 6 days per week in Herts and Beds using these training methods.

Are you ready for a challenge Nottinghamshire ? 

This workout is only for those who take their fitness seriously.


If you are looking for a new challenge

 contact us now.

Wednesday 6.30pm
Saturday 10am 

Tel 07446 494935
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