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Ravenshead tai chi

Kung Fu Ravenshead 

 Qigong, Chin Na & Self-Defence

Tai chi Ravenshead

 Primal Elements Kung Fu

 This class is based on Tai Chi, Praying Mantis, Qi Gong & Chin Na you will learn internal & external strength, flexibility, breathing and most importantly self-defence.

This a beginners class and is ideal for any age or ability.  It will help to improve strength, flexibility, co-ordination and breathing as well as learning important self defence skills. This is achieved through different exercises such as, Chinese kung fu forms, the use of postures & stretches similar to yoga. It will also use simple to advanced breathing exercises from Qi Gong, to aid relaxation and improved breathing.  Various meditations will be practised to help with stress, anxiety and improve overall health. 

All this is bound within a practical and accessible internal martial art training, the correct understanding of each technique is important in the development of the whole. It is important to understand each technique, movement and posture so that both ying & yang energies are developed. 

Ravenshead Tai chi class
Ravenshead Tai chi

Kung Fu Ravenshead




John is the chief instructor of the Freestyle Combat System with more than 35 years experience teaching martial arts. So you can be satisfied you are in the best hands.

John is able to help people build their confidence and to do things they never thought they could do. John is about helping everybody become the strongest and most confident version of themselves.

Beginners Classes

Monday 7.15pm - 8.15pm

Wednesday 11am-12pm

In Class Price  £7 

Elite Fit Studio Members £5

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