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Freestyle Combat System
Little Warriorz

Children's Kickboxing & Fitness Class

Easter   Term
 Tuesday  20th February    2024 
Thursday   28th March     2024

Tuesday 5.30pm - 6.15pm

Thursday 5.15pm - 6pm

Elite Fit Studio

29 Oakwood Drive 



The next grading will be in May 2024


Gradings are £12.50 and we will let you know if your child is eligible, and what belt they will be going for, a little closer to the time.

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Tel 07446 494935

Little Warriorz will be taught by John who has more than 40 years experience in teaching martial arts & is the chief instructor for the Freestyle Combat System.

John is assisted by senior instructor Lucy who has trained in Tae Kwon Do & Freestyle Combat System since she was 15. Lucy has reached the level of black belt and has more than 17 years experience.

John has coached children & adults from beginner through to English & British champions in both Kickboxing & Freestyle Tae Kwon Do.

Little Warriorz


Little Warriorz
1 class Term Fee*


Price includes poly cotton trousers & belt 

£25 per term

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Little Warriorz
2 class Term Fee*

£40 per term

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*See Terms & Conditions

Grading Sheets
  Yellow Belt  
  Orange Belt  
  Green Belt  
  Blue Belt  
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