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I have been coming to Lucy for five months now and I can’t thank her enough as I am in the best shape I’ve ever been. Lucy is such a lovely lady and so motivating. I would definitely recommend her classes as well as PT sessions always enjoyable!


I first met Lucy last June when I was having a break from working full time and trying to clear my head of work debris and focus on myself. 
I was out of condition and overweight but most of all had lost my exercise mojo completely. 
Lucy has such a lovely yet harsh way about her and told me very clearly about the changes I would have to make to achieve what I wanted. My goal. Weight loss and tone whilst still enjoying my food. 

I thought the food regime would be impossible to follow but I really found myself looking forward to every meal, enjoying making the changes in what I was eating. 

Never having used weights before, I could it get my head around how my shape was changing when I was not running around sweating but simply put’ just lifting heavy stuff’ 

John stepped in to teach me dead lifts and I remember every single minute of the session, even able to advise my son on technique. My technique for exercise has changed completely. 

My result was amazing, a better shape, weight loss, inches lost I think 11 and the chance to have a summer where for the first time in a long time I really liked my pictures. 

Lucy is a great trainer, it’s personal to her which is what personal training should be about and often isn’t. I have learnt a lot about exercise and nutrition which I have to thank Lucy for and will apply it again in this year.

Don’t hesitate to call Lucy and John, like me you will not regret it. 

Anita B

Having not exercised regularly for a long time, I decide to try the Boot Camp class on a Saturday morning.  I was made to feel very welcome and not apprehensive about trying new things.  John and Lucy get the balance right between pushing you as well as ensuring you do everything right.

Almost a year in, I now also do the Wednesday evening HIIT class as well as a personal training session once a week.  Feeling much healthier and fitter.  Would recommend!


Having not exercised sine the arrival of 2x children, I was keen to get into shape and also get fit.  I have tried gyms a few times and the novelty always wears off very quickly.

The weekday morning classes are perfect once the school run is done as it fits into the day.  Having done these classes for over a year, I have been made to feel welcome from the start and John and Lucy always spend the time showing people how to do the exercises in the right way.  I have also progressed to regular personal training sessions and have toned up and feel much healthier!


I’ve been training with Primal Warrior Fitness for 6 months now. I wanted to get fit and maybe lose a little weight and tone up some muscle (especially after Christmas) and so, after a recommendation from a friend at my daughter’s school who had been training with John and Lucy for a while, I decided to give it a try.


I attend the Abs Blast (now Legs, Bums and Tums) on a Tuesday morning and also Pump on a Thursday morning (as often as I can).


Both trainers are fantastic and are particularly good at listening to the individuals in class and advising on the most effective exercises to do. 

I sometimes suffer with lower back and neck pain and they have given me lots of advice on exercises to help with this and, maybe more importantly, how to avoid making it worse through exercising.


The classes are always varied, so there’s no boredom factor and they’re always good fun!


I would definitely recommend Primal Warrior Fitness to everyone!


I am training toward multiple disciplines and was constantly burning out and loosing motivation. Their advice and guidance has been invaluable. From selecting an appropriate workout program to overall energy management and diet guidelines I have found they're advice spot on.
Lucys upbeat energy and encouragement are inspiring when things get tough and John is like the knowledgeable drill sergeant every man wants in his corner!


Totally awesome - is all I can say really!!!!
I have been working with Primal warrior fitness going into my 6th week and can honestly say it is the best decision I made.
From the very outset - the phone call I received from Lucy talking me through everything they did, putting my mind at rest with reference to my ongoing illnesses and telling me that I can still do their classes - advising the support they provide in tailoring each and every session/class to each individual persons needs has been 100% spot on. Lucy and John are an awesome team and have enhanced my thirst to succeed and be the best I can possibly be using all the tools and techniques their bespoke classes have provided me with.
whether you are completely novice or already on the heath and fitness ladder - Primal Warrior Fitness is the place to join!! and to top it all off it is FUN! :)


I have been with them for a month now.

I felt the need to improve my fitness level and hopefully loose weight.

I have Personal one to one training with Lucy once or twice a week. She is lovely and very knowledgable. She seems to know so much! Most importantly though, she  manages to make it fun for me!

I would highly recommend Lucy's one to one training


Being a person who is always rushing around and finding it hard to relax, I decided to try the beginners Tai chi class in January. The classes are took by John and are alot of fun & the self defence part is very interesting. I especially like the Qi Gong which really does help to calm the body. No two classes are exactly the same, making them even more enjoyable. I didn't think I would stick to it as it is the total opposite of the sort of exercise I normally do but it's now July and I am still enjoying it and have learned so much. If you think Tai chi isn't for you, give it a go, you might be pleasently surprised. Whichever primal warrior fitness class you choose with either Lucy or John they will be alot of fun. 


I've been to tai chi since April. I love the drop in sessions, the fact that John takes on board your worries/ suggestions and that both John and Lucy are approachable. 


M Horton


I have just got to the end of my 12 week plan I have worked as hard as I have been able to on the exercise and stuck to the plan 100 per cent on food. I have to say the support I have been given over the last 12wks from Lucy and John has been amazing. We each have our own journey and I must say I am over the moon with my results and will continue with the new eating plan in the new year . All the help advice and Personal Training has helped me achieve this end result. My total weight loss is 1st 3lb but my inches loss is 21.5 inches which has totally changed my body shape. I feel amazing and look forward to carrying on to achieve that little bit more in the New Year.
Thank you again Lucy & John
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