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FCS WarriorFit

Freestyle Combat System:is a mixture of Kickboxing, MMA & self-defence.

WarriorFit comes from years of experience in kickboxing, MMA & self defence training. Unlike other so called combat style classes you will learn real martial arts from qualified & experienced instructors, who can teach you correct form and strong techniques.

Freestyle Combat System: is great for any age or fitness level, you will learn the basic punches, such as a jab, cross, hook and upper cut as well as basic kicks such as roundhouse, sidekick, front kick & knees before advancing on to more difficult techniques.

Freestyle Combat System: will consistently challenge you and help you create a more confident, fitter, healthier you. 

Get fit and learn REAL self-defence.

Kickboxing & MMA Ravenshead

FCS WarriorFit

Thursday 7.15pm - 8pm

Elite Fit Studio

Oakwood drive

In Class Price  £7

Members £5

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