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12 Week Transformation

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12 Week Warrior Elite


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If you are male or female, whatever fitness level you are, young or old, our Warrior Elite program can help you if you are serious about change. Spaces are limited so we can give you as much personal attention as possible.

This is a new fitness & health programme for those that are serious about making a change, if you are ready to make a commitment to your health & wellbeing then you are ready to become Elite. 

It is a 12 week program designed to help you burn fat, build lean muscle and increase your wellbeing, this is done through a mixture of personal training, nutrition & great classes.  

Included in the program is a full day by day week by week training guide, nutrition, online support, food & training logs plus much more. 

This program is only for those that are determined to get fit & healthy. We have very limited spaces available & can only take people who are committed to making a change. 

HOW WOULD you like to LOSE up to 30 LBS OF FAT IN 12 WEEKS ?
Well the 12 weeks are up and the results are in
Total weight loss 1 stone 5 1/2 pounds 
A total of 25 inches lost overall 
A great big thank you to John & Lucy
For all there help and positive attitude I couldn’t have done it without them
After 12 weeks having I have gone from 18 stone 4lbs to 15 stone 5lbs, so almost 3 stone. Very pleased and surprised how easy it was.

Warrior Elite



  •     24 1-1 Personal Training sessions 

  •     Any 3 Classes per Week (Primal         Fitness, Bootcamp, LBT)

  •     A 12 Week Fitness guide

  •     12 Week Nutritional Plan

  •     E-mail & face-to-face support

  •     Access to Online Primal Warrior         Fitness Members Only Area

  •     LIMITED Availability 

Book now so you can guarantee your place. We will then contact you and start your journey to happy, healthy you.

I have just got to the end of my 12 week plan I have worked as hard as I have been able to on the exercise and stuck to the plan 100 per cent on food. I have to say the support I have been given over the last 12wks from Lucy and John has been amazing. We each have our own journey and I must say I am over the moon with my results and will continue with the new eating plan in the new year . All the help advice and Personal Training has helped me achieve this end result. My total weight loss is 1st 3lb but my inches loss is 21.5 inches which has totally changed my body shape. I feel amazing and look forward to carrying on to achieve that little bit more in the New Year.
Thank you again Lucy & John
Tel 07446 494935

You can now start working with a personal trainer to help sculpt that body you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether your dream is to feel healthier, lose fat or feel better about yourself, we can help get you there. You are determined we can help with motivation and give you all the tools you need to achieve the dreams.

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