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Elite Fitness & Diet

Welcome to the Elite Fitness & Diet

You have taken the first vital steps on the path to a healthier and happier you.

Within the guide, you will receive the building blocks to help you create solid foundations for a healthier life.

Included in the guide & weekly updates you will receive 

• Our Healthy Eating Philosophy

• Getting Active
• Nutritional Plan Do’s & Don’ts • How to Make Food Choices

• Foods to Try to Include
• Foods to Try to Avoid
• How to Structure Your Eating

• Recipes

• Fitness Tips
• Training Log
• Workout Log
• Nutritional Advice
• Recipes
• Cooking Hints & Tips
• Online Support
• Group Support via FaceBook
• Access to Online Members Area


To be successful you need to learn to form good habits and stay consistent, this guide will help you do this. Stay strict with the diet for 30 days, then you can make small adjustments as needed.

As the weeks go by you will have the opportunity to add to this guide with more recipes, nutritional advice, helpful information on getting and staying active and more. It should be for ever growing and evolving, just as you will.

It is extremely important to your development and wellbeing that you understand that nutrition alone will not make you healthy. In order to be healthy you also require the correct amount of activity in your daily life. The type of activity is also important. This guide focuses on the nutritional elements but I will also encourage you to build good habits for a more active lifestyle.

The essence of this plan is ease and simplicity, correct eating and workouts are the key to becoming Warrior Elite. There is no denying that it is going to take some hard work and determination but together we can achieve those goals and set off down the right track towards a healthier, slimmer & fitter you. Every great journey begins with a few small steps! 

Before beginning any new diet or exercise programme please consult your doctor

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