Primal Fitness

Unleash your inner cave person

We are designed to do certain things really well, like walk, carry things, running really fast for short periods of time and picking up heavy shit and put it down again. We get these abilities from our hunter gatherer ancestors. They had to be able to walk long distances following the herds, they had to carry all their belongings, avoid being eaten by a sabre tooth tiger and pick up heavy logs, rocks or bits of wooly mammoth. That's why any training program should incorporate these three things, but there are a lot of personal trainers that avoid them. I understand why, because walking is time consuming and isn't glamorous, weighted carries are tough & I mean really lung, heart and gut busting tough when done properly, sprinting is hard and jogging is easy and lifting weights is still seen as a bit weird.

So, now I'm going to try to get you enthusiastic about our primal training and how to make you want to go out and be more like your ancestors. Lets start with walking, this is the best thing you can do if you want to control your weight along with diet, 40 minutes to an hour 5 times a week will do wonders for you. All you need is somewhere pleasant and safe to walk and to keep a consistent pace. Walking is easy to do in the summer, especially when you live somewhere pleasant but in the winter or the city it's a lot more challenging, but it is definitely worth the time & effort.