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Why choose Primal Warrior Fitness?

When you decide to start a new fitness regime you are presented with hundreds of options from just going for a walk to getting a personal trainer. Most people's first thought will be to go for a jog or join a gym, they do this for a few weeks, get bored and stop. Some people decide to join a class and enjoy the social aspect and then after a month or two boredom sets in and they stop. A few people will hire a personal trainer who will help shed weight quickly with tough training or not push them so as not to lose a paying client. Either way, boredom or lack of results means that they give up. A very few people will do one of the above, love it, never get bored and will find a love of fitness and the challenge.

So, what is different about us?


Firstly, we offer variety. We have a whole range of different classes to choose from whether it's a tough boot camp workout, a relaxing Tai chi and Qigong session or something in between, there is a class to suit your needs and your mood. We guarantee that all our classes will have no more than 20 people attend, with usually 1 instructor per 10-12 people, so we can make sure that you get the attention you deserve.

We regularly have new clients who have been to other local classes and are not taught how to do the most basic exercises correctly or safely. We have people coming from Insanity or P90x classes that can't squat or do a press up. Yoga & Tai chi students with little to no flexibility or understanding of the basics or clients who have tried the boxercise type classes run by people with little to no understanding of how to throw a punch. We always ensure that you understand how to perform each exercise properly, so that you can benefit fully from it whilst reducing risk of injury.


Secondly, all of our classes are connected and compliment each other. They interlink so that from our Tai chi to our boot camp, there is a common thread which means you always feel at home in one of our classes and experience a complete range of benefits.

Positive Experience

Thirdly, whether you are enjoying personal training with us, attending our classes or combining the two - you, your satisfaction & your goals are of paramount importance to us. We will always be honest with you along your journey to achieving your fitness goals & make sure that you enjoy every single workout with us.

Knowledge & Experience

Fourthly, experience, with more than thirty years experience between us, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible advice.

Human Touch

Fifthly, we are ordinary people and not gym obsessed machines. We love food (including all the bad stuff) so we know and understand the struggles you have because we have many of the same problems ourselves.

Element of Fun

Finally, we try our best to make every time you train with us fun, special and rewarding. We always appreciate how lucky we are when someone chooses us to join them on their fitness journey. We strive everyday to be the best that we can be, so that we can bring out the best in you.

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