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Primal Warrior Fitness - Making A Difference

Primal Warrior Fitness - Making A Difference

So, why choose Primal Warrior Fitness? Whether you are just starting out on a new fitness regime or have been exercising for a while Primal Warrior Fitness can be the key to you achieving your full potential.

We believe that for you to become fitter and healthier you need strong foundations to build on. We like to spend time to ensure that you learn proper form and technique on every exercise, we do not, unlike many instructors & classes, believe in throwing you in at the deep end. We ensure you can perform each exercise correctly, as in many classes and bootcamps people can not even do the most basic exercises correctly, such as squats, kettle bell swings etc. Correct technique is important, in this way you are gaining the maximum benefit from every movement whilst ensuring that you stay safe and injury free. This also means that you may not always leave our classes gasping for air and sweating profusely but you will always walk away feeling better and having learned something beneficial. Unfortunately some people who have been to other classes & instructors and who have not been taught correct form & technique struggle to understand the importance of good basics for long term training & health benefits. No body walks away from our workouts complaining of a bad back or sore knees, aching muscles yes.

We treat everyone as the unique individual you are. This means that we get to know you and tailor workouts to your needs. One size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to fitness, so, whether you are benefiting from personal training sessions with us, coming along to the classes or enjoying both, we will adjust the training to suit your needs, meaning you continually improve and make progress.

Becoming healthy isn't just about one type of exercise, doing a spin class will help you be better at cycling & running will make you better at running, but neither by themselves will make you healthier. This is why we provide our clients with a variety of different classes to choose from that vary in the type of exercise & intensity. It is just as important to learn how to breathe, relax and eat correctly, as it is to be able to perform a proper squat. Between us we have more than 50 years experience, we have trained & trained with every level from champions to the least able of people & always helped them improve their fitness & health.

Lastly and most importantly we make every session fun! Every class is a little bit ​

​different so you will never become bored of the same old routines and your body will be continually challenged. We pride ourselves that you will always get a warm welcome and can enjoy taking part in a friendly environment. Having fun while you workout means that it is no longer a chore and you actually look forward to coming along and joining in. We hear the same thing over and over again “ I hated exercises until I came to you, you make it so much fun” It is important to us that during every workout that everybody smiles and laughs as much as possible.

Don't wait any longer, come along and see the difference for yourself.

John & Lucy

Primal Warrior Fitness

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